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        安卓手机内存清理Mail?your items to us.安卓手机内存清理

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        安卓手机内存清理Schedule a contactless home pick-up appointment.安卓手机内存清理?

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        We have health and safety procedures in place for our store teams, including requiring daily health evaluations, masks and gloves at all times while handling inventory or in the stores, and additional cleaning procedures. We will also be quarantining all incoming consignments for 48 hours before processing them, and will treat every garment with UV light and 395℉ hot steam before making it available for sale.? We’ll also be closely following guidance from national, state and local authorities to make sure we’re operating in compliance.

        You can find more details about your local store by clicking below;

        安卓手机内存清理Santa Monica安卓手机内存清理
        安卓手机内存清理安卓手机内存清理Agoura Hills安卓手机内存清理
        安卓手机内存清理Santa Barbara安卓手机内存清理
        安卓手机内存清理Woodland Hills安卓手机内存清理


        We’re doing our part to make the curbside and in-store experience as safe as possible for everyone, and we need your help. When you come to our stores, our employees will be wearing face coverings, and we’re going to ask that you wear one too. It’s a simple thing that we can all do right now to take care of one another and, if you forget yours, we’ll have disposable face coverings available. We also ask for your cooperation by only bringing us items to sell that are freshly laundered in hot water or dry cleaned, and by packaging your clean items in a sealed bag (stapled or taped is just fine). To protect our team members, if consignments come in that include items which are not freshly laundered, we will not be able to go through any of the items in and will have to return them to you.

        If you are an existing consignor and you have questions about your account, please visit our?安卓手机内存清理contact page安卓手机内存清理?to send us a message and someone from our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Few things make us happier than serving our customers in our stores.

        The journey is far from over, but we are making progress, and we're grateful for your support and understanding these last few months. To everyone who has reached out with a word of encouragement or has helped support small businesses like ours during this critical time, thank you.


        Your TCTC Team